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You were born and you started taking marketing lessons. Can I am right? our mother She has been teaching us since childhood.

We can use what she teaches everywhere so why do we need marketing now?
Insufficient time, intimacy about work, targets are not things.

If you set a target, you will accomplish it by doing anything. This is called marketing.

Marketing is the process of using one's skills and techniques to make a profit at that time or for that amount of profit.

Marketing is the science and art of exploring, creating and delivering value different from your competitor to satisfy the needs of the target market at a profit. by Philip Kotler

How to complete our big target with marketing but firstly you have big target to achieve it or still you are finding how, where, who, when, what, then this article for you some basic & important aspects of marketing, brand awareness, integrated marketing, CATT marketing method etc so ready to rock then read this article to the end.

Why need marketing & learn marketing

We all use the concept of marketing in our daily business. Then why should we not achieve our target. Everyone uses different methods. If you want to grow your business, you have to learn marketing. Everyone learns new things by looking at them. So why don't you think what Mrs.Ambani, Mrs.Tata, Mrs. Mittal did that made their business so big? For that you have to learn new concepts of marketing.

Fundamentals of marketing

Find profitable product: It is said that your marketing starts before you create the product. A great product sells itself. 
Which product to choose, how long it will last in the market, how much revenue will be generated, how long it will last is all product marketing in the market. Choose a product that will generate revenue itself. Who will need care now? And which will continue for a very long time.

find effective media of marketing : Once you have selected the product, you need to find the right and effective marketing method. traditional, digital etc by looking your product you have to choose right and effective method of marketing

Attract leads: After finding the medium, you have to focus on how to attract leads. Use news paper, magazine, digital medium which is effective medium for your product.Convert leads to profit: Convert the leads that come to you to the customer. Use different methods like discount, offer, and explain how your product is. With this you convert your leads into profit.Maintain relationship & accelerate sales cycle: You choose the product, you do the marketing, you attract the leads, and you convert the leads. Now you have to build relationships with the people who are connected to you. Find out how to get more people connected to your business so your sales cycle continues.

CATT marketing funnel

Wealth = n^CATT

Niche = your success & wealth depends on your niche so it can be interesting, curious, popular so can find traffic to your niche.

Content: create a more powerful content in your blog, ads, YouTube, webinars, lead magnets so that people attract to your niche.

Attention – you have created powerful content attract (traffic) to your niche through SEO, social media paid ads, referrals, mouth publicity etc.

Trust- you have to build trust with your audience by communication, retargeting, trip wires, marketing automation, giving some wishes on special occasions.

Transactions: leads convert to customer by natural sales process.

Integrated Digital marketing

1. Email Marketing

2. Social Media Marketing

3. seo

4. Content Marketing

5. Paid advertisement

6. Sell & convert

Content marketing- firstly create content of your niche. You can attract you’re customer reader, visitors to your niche by good quality content. Once you have created good quality content potential customer visit your niche gain & again. We create wealth through this & this is main part of integrated digital marketing.

Email marketing: whenever customer visit to your niche/website/blog collect email id, name, mobile no through subscribers collect leads and connect with them by sending emails. This is effective to blast your sales.

Social media marketing: social media marketing through face book, twitter, Google ads, YouTube etc by using this you can increase your traffic & generating leads convert them to customer.

Search Engine optimization: ranking your blog/website top it effect to generate natural traffic to to your site. This is cost effective & today more important tool.

Paid advertisement: through paid advertisement we can generate traffic to our site by collecting email id, and reading content that lead convert into customer.

Sell & convert: content, email marketing, social media marketing, search engine optimization, paid advertisement by this tools you create sell and convert them to customer. Together this all work as integrated digital marketing. People doing only one thing asks for result but digital marketing works on all this aspects.

Comparison between digital and traditional marketing

Today’s digital marketing its impossible to say which one is better but when we target peoples of youngest category then digital marketing more effective than traditional marketing.

2) Digital marketing – social media marketing, Email marketing, content marketing, affiliate marketing, search engine optimization, pay per click, website etc we do digital marketing

Traditional marketing: magazines, news papers, posters on wall, taxi, etc, telemarketing, television etc. through this we do traditional marketing.

3) Traditional marketing – impactful, permanent, memorable. Less attractive, Less contact to peoples

Digital marketing: engagement, measurable, targeted, more attractive, more contact to people

As per the requirement of targeting people we can use traditional marketing or Digital marketing

Personal Branding: Mass Trust Blueprint

The Best known will always beat the best by Deepak kanakraju

Personal branding is a fact that whenever the name comes people looking for brand. People do publicity of our brand name not our company the example is Elon musk. It has many up and down side.

Evolution of personal brand:

Learn: lean new facts, procedure concepts. And practice it . without having skills you cannot create brand.

Work: when you learn new skills implement it in real world, in daily life, practice it. Without work this not work

Blog: your work implemented in high content blog then you have to think about various marketing techniques For creating your personal brand.

Consult: once you got experience & you have brand value then you can start consulting to peoples.

Mentor: mentor others as you have brand, experience, you have created high quality content then you have to start mentoring others.

Conclusion: in this article we seen CATT method, importance of marketing, various aspects of integrated digital marketing, traditional vs. digital marketing as per our requirement we use the digital marketing tools and convert traffic to our site for more article please subscribe our news latter. This article is part of digital Deepak internship program. You are interested in marketing your products and our service then click on DigitalOptimax